Wednesday, May 15, 2002

1681 words tonight. I wanted to go for the full 2000 again, but the scene ended a little bit sooner than I expected and I don't want to get into the new one just yet. Things are starting to get pretty interesting. Dorran, the villain's sidekick, and Sky, the MC, have just exhibited the exact same healing ability. They both heal a bit quicker than normal. This is the first clue that these two are connected somehow....

Off of the writing course for a minute here. Though it does sort of pertain to writing in a vague way. Why is it that when you talk about a plot idea or a character that you are creating, a lot of writers are very eager to jump on it and claim that it is just like so-and-so's character in such-and-such book? It's like a lot of people don't give you credit for KNOWING that that character exists and acting like you don't have an original spin on it. Just because something has been done before doesn't mean it can't be made unique.

Another little rant. There is also a habit in writer's communities, thankfully Forward Motion seems to be mostly lacking in this nasty little habit, to automatically pounce upon a question and act like the person asking hasn't researched the question at all and refer them to references that they likely already looked at. That's just irritating. Granted, there are a lot of people who will ask questions WITHOUT looking for an answer by themselves first. And maybe it's just me, but I would much rather a "Have you seen such-and-such article yet?" to "Go look at such-and-such article."

Sorry for the ranting. The work situation is getting ridiculous and I'm still waiting on news about the Dream Job. I've been on edge all week. But, even when I am on an even keel and my nerves are in relatively sane condition, those two things irritated me. I guess I don't like it when I'm not given credit for being somewhat intelligent. All my life I've had people treat me like an idiot because of where I've lived, who my parents are, what I do for a living. I just get frustrated sometimes.

Tuesday, May 14, 2002

2080 words. Another good scene tonight. Sky is turning out be quite a character and I think I have the Southern accents down about right. It's not too hard to do considering that I grew up hearing it. Sure, I'll probably have to do a bit of fine tuning in the revisions, but so far, it's rolling smoothly. I decided against sounding the words phonetically like they would be said because that little trick just irritates me when I see it. It's like the author doesn't trust the reader to have a reasonable idea of what an accent sounds like. For the more obscure accents, I can understand the need to spell it all out, but really, who HASN'T heard a Southern accent?

I'm still using the phrases and speech patterns from the South, though and it's a blast. I swear that I can hear my grandma with her Tennessee drawl in the back of my head during certain parts of the writing. She has one of the msot colorful vocabularies, I know. And the only cuss words I've ever heard her say were no worse that what you hear on cable television nowadays.

On another note, this week is the two-year aniversary at Holly's site ( It's hard to believe that I've been there a year and even more amazing how far my writing has come in that year. The community has pushed me ahead leaps and bounds and makes me not regret for a moment that I never went to Clarion or any of those other intensive writing workshops. Why waste the money for six weeks when I can get that everyday at Foward Motion and get it all for free? Holly, if you read this, you are amazing. Not just as a writer, but as a person and a teacher. Seriously, who else would be willing to spend thier hard-earned money and time to keep a place like this running for beginning writers?

Monday, May 13, 2002

2194 words tonight. I think they are pretty good, but I'll have to see once I re-read them tomorrow. It feels so weird to be writing in the here and now and not some foreign world where people settle disputes on the end of a sword or with some sort of spell. Granted, this book is still magic heavy, but the setting is home. I'm kind of liking home.

Sunday, May 12, 2002

See? Isn't this pretty?
This is only a test. I think.
Boy, has it been awhile. I think I've kinda missed my blog. Doubtlessly, any readers I might have once had are gone, but, oh well. We'll deal with what we have. Let's see. Where are we now from the time that I last posted? No new job yet, though I have a really good prospect that I'm not even going to talk about until I know something one way or another. No book completed either. Mainly due to some personal problems that are being resolved. Don't really wanna get into those either. So, instead, I'll talk about the new WIP. *grins*

Anyhow, the new WIP is a combination of the skeletal remains of a former project and a new twist. Instead of setting it in the typical fantasy setting, like I had planned, I've set it in modern times in Kentucky. So far the work has a nice flow and is far more... literary? than anything else I've written. Which doesn't feel like a bad thing yet. The characters are very vivid to me. Very real. I like what I have, though it is so different from what I usually write that it scares me. I'll just have to see what happens from here. And maybe take you all along for the ride.