Thursday, January 03, 2002

Well, needless to say, my original plan did not work very well. Why? Many reasons. Laziness. The story changing in mid-write and deciding to go in a much darker and scarier direction. Many things have changed from the original, i.e. The MC has decided to change her name, profession, and age! I kind of took a plot thread from one of the many 60,000 words false start novels on my hard drive and integrated some of it into this WIP, which has titled itself The Memory of Magic.

I also aimed way too big. I can do 3000 words a night, but I do BETTER words when I'm not trying to push myself like that. Without the pressure of meeting a 3000 word goal, I write better prose. I've set the daily goal at at least 1000 words a night. That way I can write over and feel proud and 1000 words is an easy goal to hit, even when I'm dead tired from work. Which I am now, hence the rather short and badly worded post.

Anyhow, I got 1174 words done tonight on the re-start of chapter 1. It's good stuff. Much better than before. Now, off to bed before I pass out at the keyboard.