Tuesday, December 18, 2001

Okay, here's a little question I have for any who might waste their time reading this old thing: Do any other writers out there create 'soundtracks' for their books as they're writing them? I know I do alot.

Here are some of the songs on the current WIP's soundtrack:
"Frozen" by Madonna: I would say this is the love theme for the novel. I was at my work and this song was playing on the MUZAK station. I was ringing out a customer and then I heard this song. Suddenly, images from my book ran through my brain like a movie trailor and I got chills. Strange, I never liked this song until that moment.

"Fear" by Sarah Maclachlan: I think this song is supposed to be a love song or something, but my random selecter happened to turn to this song while I was outlining a key turning point in the first book and now it's stuck. Yes, the 'key turning point' is a sex scene. No, it's not lovey-sex. More like desperation sex. But it NEEDS to be there. Really.

"Here with me." by Dido: Hmm, another love song. Well, this story does have a romance story at its heart, so I guess I'm not surprised. I always flip this song on when I have to write a scene in which Reyna is trying to distance herself form Auvray and he is trying to deny the fact that he still loves her. I think those are some of the most powerful scenes in the book.

"You are not alone" from Final Fantasy IV: I played this song the night I wrote another pivotal scene in the WIP. No sex in this one, but it's great. Now I play this song for all the moments when Reyna and Auvray realize that they've involved themselves in something WAY bigger than they thought. And decide to go on anyway.

"Schala's Theme" from Chronotrigger: This is the song I play whenever I write scenes with my villain, Sialle. She has a lot of secrets and when she finally reveals them all, Reyna's world is going to fall apart. This song sort of has that quality to it.

Other selections include:
"Overcome" - Live
Parts of the soundtrack to Xenogears
Parts of the soundtrack to ChronoCross (Yasunori Mitsuda is a GOD. The music he composes is gorgeous.)
Parts of the soundtrack to Braveheart
"The Mummer's Dance" - Loreena McKennitt
"Dust in the Wind" - Kansas
"Anam Cara" - Aeone

There are others, but I'll not waste anymore of your time listing them. So, does anyone else practice this sort thing? Email me at twistedfairy@hotmail.com with any comments.

Yes, the book is going very well. I can already see some internal inconsistancies, but those can be fiuxed very easily. Reyna is starting to develop a nice voice and this plot is riveting. At least to me.